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Mission Mexico

Their Story

Mission Mexico was founded in 1966 by Francisco Villa, Sr with the purpose of planting churches on the border using the Mexican graduates of the Colegio Biblico. The goal is to supplement the income of the missionary until they can be supported fully by their congregation.  It is easier and costs less to have the indigenous preachers because they know the language, the culture, and are accustomed to the living environments of Mexico. Through our history we have founded twenty-six churches and we are still growing.


Currently we have 6 Mission points with five missionaries' families being supported. 

-Juan and Veronica in the city of Aguascalientes

-Juan and Martha Cantu in Chamacuero, Coahuila

-Adonias and Karla Perez in El Moral

-Manuel and Betty Vega at Kilometro Diez in Piedras Negras

How Blue Butterfly donations

support this mission.

Donations from Blue Butterfly have a significant impact on the churches and areas served by Mission Mexico. Items such as jewelry are used as prizes for youth programs, as gifts on Mother's Day, and for other events. These donations are blessings that reach children and adults in all of Mexico and even some in the U.S. along the border. Items are also shared with soldiers and federal police at checkpoints that help distribute clothes and other goods to local families in need.

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AMIGOS de Mission Mexico

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